Tired of being overpowered?

Frustrated with being treated like a doormat?

Worried that you just can’t say no?

Sick of being a people pleaser?

Done with being stepped on?

Ready to stand up for yourself?

Ready to approach struggles with confidence?

Ready to set the boundaries you so desperately need?

Ready to reclaim your joy and your life?



First things first: you are not alone.

Setting limits and establishing boundaries is a common barrier for
so many of us! It’s quite the battle and you’re not alone in your fight.

You are worth it. Your voice matters. YOU matter!

It’s never okay to get stepped on, overruled, trampled on or overburdened.

Sure, easier said than done. Right?

Setting limits is healthy, necessary and life-giving . . .
but it’s also incredibly difficult, especially for women. I know it well.
So it’s okay if you’re skeptical because it’s a tough barrier to overcome.

With more than 20 years in the fields of therapy and
relationship coaching, plus my thriving private practice, I get it.

I see people who struggle with boundaries on a daily basis.
I know the struggle intimately.



That’s why I created the
Art of Setting Limits Tele-summit.

Setting behavioral limits really is a complex art.

It’s something I’ve studied professionally for so many years.
I’ve guided hundreds of people in setting healthy limits
in my private counseling practice.


Ready? Click the button below.

Once again, another fantastic teleclass! I am getting so much out of these, and your presentation is so clear and relatable.
The class has been really good!!! I'm using the material and settling less. Progress!

It has taken me many years to master this art!

And now, in The Art of Setting Limits Teleclass, I’ll teach you.
It is challenging — but we will be on this journey together.

Forget what you think you know about coaching classes.
I’ve designed this course for a life transformation.

I’ve carefully crafted The Art of Setting Limits
to both educate you and empower you.


In this class, you will learn:

  • Why limits matter
  • Why it’s dangerous to live a life without boundaries
  • How to stand up for yourself without stomping on those around you — both personally and professionally
  • How to kick unhealthy relationship habits, once and for all
  • What to do when your words aren’t having the impact you want
  • How to identify what’s toxic and hurtful, and how to handle these situations in a healthy way
  • The difference between a limit and a threat
  • How to challenge your assumptions and identify how to change them
  • What to do when you are scared
  • How and when to take things to the next level without raising the volume
  • How to bring greater meaning into your relationships while leaving resentment behind




Limits are a way of teaching others how to treat us.

My class blends theory with practical how-tos.

If you want permanent change, you need to learn both! Our sessions are serious but authentic, and we get down to business right away. It’s a safe place to share. But it’s also a place where intensive growth can happen: every class is packed with information and strategies.

The class was a reaffirmation that my choice to leave my marriage was the right decision. Through my participation I have learned that I may not have handled my exit as well as I could have, but I begin my new life with increased knowledge, confidence and strength and the decision to speak in a clear, honest, voice.



You’ll walk into the New Year knowing why limits matter,
how to set boundaries and what to do in
every setting to stand up for yourself.


The Art of Setting Limits includes:
  • Four weekly tele-classes — women participate and engage, learning universal lessons and getting equipped with everyday strategies

  • Weekly recordings — life-changing strategies take awhile to set in and it’s helpful to hear our sessions again

  • Unique handouts — follow these class guides and take good notes that you can review anytime

It’s a workshop-style class!

In addition to my professional expertise, there’s time to share with fellow students, journal and then connect to real-life strategies. Everything is based on psychology and rooted in real life.

This was truly a powerful and needed workshop. ~ Thank you!!



You will learn why taking control of your choices matters.

You’ll grow in who you are as you focus on what you need. The Art of Setting Limits will help you bring peace and balance to your relationships.

I’ve watched women settle for less than they deserve for most of my life. I have seen family members, friends, colleagues, clients and strangers settle for situations I wouldn’t want for my worst enemy. I wanted these women to know that they mattered . . . I wanted these women to have the tools necessary to stand up for themselves.

And no, it’s not too late! Children, parents, colleagues, friends, spouse . . . this class will help you learn how to restore that joy and reconnect with the people who really matter to you.

Think back to your last plane trip.

What do the flight attendants always say? Put on your own oxygen mask first! There’s a good reason that the safety instructions tell us to do this before helping those around us. We need to be equipped ourselves before we can serve those around us. The Art of Setting Limits is that metaphorical oxygen mask! SIGN UP NOW.

I have witnessed women cower to rage, complain about rage, beg for the rage to stop and on and on. What I seldom saw was women putting an end to it. What I seldom saw was women setting the boundaries they needed for fruitful relationships.


Lisa has a way of empowering women to stop silencing, avoiding conflict, and accepting bad behavior and to begin asking for what we need. And to stop torturing ourselves with the way things are and start opening our eyes and our hearts to find ways to lovingly and responsibly take the reins of our relational selves. I wish I could carry her in my back pocket every day for a year to mind and heart meld her ways.


We can give our friends and colleagues great advice and encourage them to stand up for themselves with confidence. They’re worth it, right? And so are you!

The Art of Setting Limits will teach you how to advocate for yourself at home, with your spouse, in your office, with your friends and so much more.


Home-study version is still available!

Register for a life-changing course!

It’s an investment in your family. It’s an investment in your friendships. It’s an investment in your workplace. And above all, The Art of Setting Limits is an investment in yourself!

We’ll talk about why people mistreat us, why we cripple under the pressure and then how to take our power back. In addition, you will get the tools you need to do it! Every session includes the practical stuff, so you can exercise those boundary-setting muscles. You will leave every session of The Art of Setting Limits with the skills you need to make shifts in your life.


You deserve a life where you’re thriving.

Not getting walked on, not getting taken advantage of, not getting used . . . you are worthy of a life with healthy, joy-driven boundaries.

Sign up for The Art of Setting Limits — and make today the first day of the best chapter of your life. Purchase Today!