An affair can turn your life upside down.

Whether you’re in a marriage or a committed relationship, an affair is likely to:

  • Raise difficult questions. It’s natural to wonder, “Will I ever get through this?” “Will I ever be able to trust my partner again?” “Am I a fool for staying?” “Why do I feel so bad for wanting OUT?”
  • Stir strong emotions. Hurt, anger, shame, and guilt are just some of the toxic feelings that can pull you into a downward spiral that affects not just your relationship, but everything in your life – family, friends, and work.
  • Paralyze your decision-making. Even the most confident person can be paralyzed by indecision. You may feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you, that your trust has been violated, and that it’s impossible to move forward.

Healing from an affair doesn’t happen without help



An affair rocks the very foundation of your relationship. Along with feeling betrayed, you may be shocked at lies that were told or feel humiliated. For most people, marriage is supposed to be a safe haven where you can count on your partner to “love, honor and cherish” you. An affair blows all of that apart.

An affair need not be the end of the world – or of your relationship. But it does involve serious emotional injury and it needs to be addressed. Being emotionally resilient – all by yourself – is just not realistic. When dealing with a challenge like this, you need help!

Announcing my brand new mini-course for $99!

“Affairs: What’s “Normal?” What’s Needed for Recovery? What Factors Influence the Prognosis?”  

After many years of answering the same questions about affairs for numerous couples in my practice, I created this mini-course to help people start down the road to recovery after an affair.

This 3-module, self-paced mini-course provides effective help in a new way. It offers:

  • Deep expertise. It boils down my years of experience as a couple’s counselor into a simple, self-contained guide. It steps you through a proven process to explore, address and recover from an affair, no matter what your circumstances are.
  • Privacy and convenience. You can work on the guide in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace, and at time(s) of your own choosing.
  • Permanence and iteration. The material is yours forever and you can review it as often as you wish. In fact, I encourage that because recovering from an affair is rarely a “linear” process. You may feel clear about the path ahead one day, and slip back into self-doubt the next.

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What you get

The mini-course is composed of a set of online presentations – slides plus audio – voiced by me. I’ll step you through a simple but powerful process for understanding your situation, assessing your options, and taking your first steps on the road to recovery.

You’ll receive:

  • Easy and permanent access to online PowerPoint slides and audio
  • Weekly exercises to help you make the material more relevant in the context of YOUR specific situation
  • Help for both parties – the person who strayed and the person who didn’t
  • Additional resources to help you heal, ranging from suggested activities with your partner to strategies for coping if you choose to become single again.

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Choose to dive deeper with a personal consultation

The mini-course is just the beginning. Dealing with an affair is difficult in the best of cases. That’s why I’m offering even more help to support you through the process of healing after an affair.

If you find this mini-course as powerful as I think you will, you can choose to receive in addition:

  • 1 one-hour, personal consult with me to talk about your specific relationship situation for $200 (a $25 discount) OR
  • 3 one-hour, personal consultations with me to address difficult issues and speed you on your way to recovery for $600 (a $75 discount)

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