Rules of Engagement

Below are my 10 cornerstones for creating healthy relationships. I hope you find them as helpful in your life as I have found them in mine. LMB’S RELATIONAL CORNERSTONES 1.Treat loved ones lovingly. The important people in your life will know you cherish them, when you treat them as if you do. Be loving in […]


Listening is a pivotal skill in relationships. When we do it well, it can create a soul-nourishing moment; when we do it poorly, it can wreak havoc. The reason it is so pivotal is because human beings like to be heard. We believe we have something important to say and we want others to listen. […]


A common complaint I hear from couples is they feel distant. Overall, things are okay, no fights, no big issues, no major upsets – just a void. They report feeling more like roommates than lovers. Subsequently, they question their relationship saying although they love each other, perhaps they are not “in love” with each other. […]