A New Year’s Challenge: Be Kind to ALL Humanity

Did you know that if: •    A person is cut, s/he will bleed real blood that is red—regardless of his or her religious affiliation, the color of his/her skin or his/her sexual orientation? •    A person loses a child, s/he will be heartbroken—regardless of whether that child is black, white, brown, red or in between? […]

Character is Determined by Consistent Actions

Character shows up when no one’s watching. It shows up in the hard times not the easy ones. It rears its head in how one speaks about their enemies not their friends. It shows up in the boardroom when money is being lost not flowing. Character shines through in how a person speaks about their […]

Women Raising the Bar

In a world of expectations, strong view points, extreme judgments and righteous beliefs, women can struggle to know themselves, find themselves and be themselves. The pressure to please others, be liked by others, look good for others, take care of others and perform for others is killing the souls of far too many women. These […]