The Conflict of a Nation and the Allure of Violence

Our nation is reeling on the heels of Donald Trump being elected the next President of the United States. Those who voted for him are excited for a change and those who did not are terrified of the change he might bring. Those who did not vote for him believe he ran on a platform […]

The Costs of Toxic Masculinity

For countless decades our culture has been selling our boys and men a bill of goods about what it means to be a “man:” •    Be strong! •    Don’t be a cry-baby! •    “Man-up” and stop being a wuss! •    Don’t be a girl and show your emotions—toughen up! •    Don’t take sh*t from anyone. […]

Violence: Getting Grounded in an Ungrounded World

•    Police are gunning down black men. •    Shooters are gunning down police. •    Rapists are being set free. •    Rape victims are told to keep knees together. •    Political supporters are chanting “build the wall” and punching those who disagree with their views. •    A presidential candidate calls a woman a fat pig and […]