Your Actions Have Long-Lasting Impact–Be Mindful

Always Stay Humble and Kind ~Tim McGraw A client just sent me a video of a beautiful song by Tim McGraw that is a great reminder for all of us that true humanity is about being humble and kind. We can easily get caught up in our own views, in our sense of righteousness […]

The Standford Rape and Rape Culture

On January 17, 2016, Stanford University student Brock Turner was caught–in the act–of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. Two graduate students on bikes happened by a dumpster where they saw Turner on top of his victim’s unconscious body; he was “humping” her at the time. Turner ran, but the graduate students tackled him and called […]

If You Can’t Recognize Abuse in the World, You Won’t be Able to Stop it in Your Home

We are in the midst of the possibility of voting into office one of the most blatantly emotionally-abusive candidates who has ever run for President of the United States—Donald Trump. Many people embracing this candidate do not describe his behavior as abusive and most likely don’t recognize it as abuse. Instead, they describe his words […]