Cornerstone 2: Use Your Words to Build Others Up, Not Tear Them Down

Cornerstone 2. Use your words to build others up, not tear them down. I believe that people underestimate the power of words everyday. Whether it is a kind word shared with love or mean words thrown in anger, words have impact. Kind words can soothe a person’s heart, raise a person’s spirit or bring a […]


The idea that relationships should be easy is a crazy idea that I am convinced was made up by some Hollywood producer to help the movies sell. The reality is that relationships are hard work and there’s no way to get around it. They can be the biggest joy in your life one day and […]

Authenticity and Intimacy

I am struck by how often women silence their voices under the guise of not wanting to “make waves,” “cause conflict” or be a “bitch.” So instead, they often tell people what they think the listeners want to hear to their face, and then either speak their true thoughts behind the person’s back or say […]