Your Actions Have Long-Lasting Impact–Be Mindful

Always Stay Humble and Kind ~Tim McGraw A client just sent me a video of a beautiful song by Tim McGraw that is a great reminder for all of us that true humanity is about being humble and kind. We can easily get caught up in our own views, in our sense of righteousness […]

A Fork in the Road

Choose your path wisely Most people are faced with a fork in the road at some point in their lives. For some of us, there is only one fork and for many there are several. That fork in the road may come when we’re young and faced with the choice to do drugs, hang out […]

Re-thinking “Nice”. Are You Really “Nice” or Do You Just Think You Are?

Too often we confuse “nice” with being placating or dishonest. We think that giving loved ones in our lives a hundred chances is gracious, rather than recognizing that it is enabling to our loved ones and hurtful to ourselves. For many of us, our need to be liked, not upset others and/or to be seen […]