Is Reactivity Killing Your Relationships?

Reactivity can show up as being easily triggered into feeling overwhelmed, angry, out of control or shut down. If someone says something you don’t like, you may get wounded, defensive or angry very quickly. People may find it difficult to talk with you about their upsets or their disagreements because they fear you will become […]

Setting Limits in Relationships: Why We Need Them and What They’re Not

People often are at a loss when it comes to setting limits. Many hate setting them, others over use limits and still others think they’re setting them yet aren’t. So what’s the low down on limits? Why do we need them, when do we need them and what a limit is not. First off, limits […]

Ten Ways to Sabotage Intimacy and Connection (Part II)

Below are the remaining five most common ways people sabotage their relationships. If you’re unhappy in your relationship and you’re doing any of the things on the list below, then part of your relationship problems are on your side. Clean them up and see what happens. 1.    Be negative. Constantly complaining about what’s off, not […]