Valentine’s Day: Love is in the Doing

This Valentine’s Day, don’t get so lost in the fluff that you forget the substance. Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to pay attention to those you love, treat them well and realize how blessed you are to have loved ones in your life. Although boxes of candy, flowers and romantic nights out are great—when […]

Operating Instructions for Creating Miserable, Unfulfilling, Unhealthy Relationships (Part II)

1.    Make everything about you. No matter what is going on, constantly turn it around and talk about how it is affecting you. If your partner’s upset—talk about your upset. If your partner wants support for their dreams, whine about how they should be supporting your dreams. Who do they think they are, trying to […]

Operating Instructions for Creating Unhealthy, Unfulfilling, Miserable Relationships (Part I)

A dash of unconsciousness, a dab of aloofness, a healthy serving of unhealthy self-esteem, a spoonful of selfishness, a touch of reactivity and a sprinkle of rage and intimidation are the main ingredients to creating an incredibly miserable relationship. Top it off with defensiveness and voilà there you have it. And here’s how you put […]