The Costs of Toxic Masculinity

For countless decades our culture has been selling our boys and men a bill of goods about what it means to be a “man:” •    Be strong! •    Don’t be a cry-baby! •    “Man-up” and stop being a wuss! •    Don’t be a girl and show your emotions—toughen up! •    Don’t take sh*t from anyone. […]

Character is Determined by Consistent Actions

Character shows up when no one’s watching. It shows up in the hard times not the easy ones. It rears its head in how one speaks about their enemies not their friends. It shows up in the boardroom when money is being lost not flowing. Character shines through in how a person speaks about their […]

An Open Letter to the Women Excusing the Men

I saw you do it with the high school jocks. I saw you do it with the popular guys. You did it with the professional athletes, college athletes, famous men and rich men in power. I saw you do it with Bill Cosby and I’m watching many of you do it with Donald Trump. You […]