The Cost of the Quick Fix is More Than You Imagine

As I sit with yet another couple drowning from the fallout of another affair, I’m struck by what seems to be an epidemic of people looking for the quick fix to life’s problems. •    People unhappy in their marriages are turning to affairs. •    People feeling sad or down want a drug to make the […]

Ten Truths Women Need to Hear

One of the most frustrating things in my line of work is watching women get in—and stay in—unhealthy relationships. No matter how many red flags they see, hurtful interactions they have or lies they’re told, far too many women blame themselves, question themselves and don’t trust themselves. Below are 10 truths that women need to […]

An Open Letter to the Women Excusing the Men

I saw you do it with the high school jocks. I saw you do it with the popular guys. You did it with the professional athletes, college athletes, famous men and rich men in power. I saw you do it with Bill Cosby and I’m watching many of you do it with Donald Trump. You […]