Ten Ways to Sabotage Intimacy and Connection (Part II)

Below are the remaining five most common ways people sabotage their relationships. If you’re unhappy in your relationship and you’re doing any of the things on the list below, then part of your relationship problems are on your side. Clean them up and see what happens. 1.    Be negative. Constantly complaining about what’s off, not […]

Relationship Rights: What Our Culture is Not Teaching You but Should Be

Television, magazines, the Internet and our culture at large all send dangerous relationship messages to men, women and children. Our culture normalizes violence, encourages promiscuity, blames rape victims for their rape and creates a breeding ground for affairs and sex addiction. Unless we realize that these messages are CRAZY messages, we are at risk for […]

Dating: Qualities to Look For in a Life Partner (Part II)

In your search for a life mate, be certain you look for the characteristics that truly make a difference in long-term relationships. Don’t be fooled by the “cover” of things—always be sure to look under the surface. Following up on last week’s post, here are the remaining five characteristics that will serve any long-term relationship […]