Don’t Let a Great Message Get Lost in the Delivery

One day I was working with a couple and while the husband was talking, his wife interrupted him several times. After about the third time he turned to her and said, “Would you shut up and let me speak!” She immediately became angry. He attempted to continue until I stopped him. “Tom” I said. “You […]

Rules of Engagement

Below are my 10 cornerstones for creating healthy relationships. I hope you find them as helpful in your life as I have found them in mine. LMB’S RELATIONAL CORNERSTONES 1.Treat loved ones lovingly. The important people in your life will know you cherish them, when you treat them as if you do. Be loving in […]

Authenticity and Intimacy

I am struck by how often women silence their voices under the guise of not wanting to “make waves,” “cause conflict” or be a “bitch.” So instead, they often tell people what they think the listeners want to hear to their face, and then either speak their true thoughts behind the person’s back or say […]