A New Year’s Challenge: Be Kind to ALL Humanity

Did you know that if: •    A person is cut, s/he will bleed real blood that is red—regardless of his or her religious affiliation, the color of his/her skin or his/her sexual orientation? •    A person loses a child, s/he will be heartbroken—regardless of whether that child is black, white, brown, red or in between? […]

Is Reactivity Killing Your Relationships?

Reactivity can show up as being easily triggered into feeling overwhelmed, angry, out of control or shut down. If someone says something you don’t like, you may get wounded, defensive or angry very quickly. People may find it difficult to talk with you about their upsets or their disagreements because they fear you will become […]

Saving Your Marriage is Easier Before Your Wife Asks for a Divorce

My most popular blog post by far is, “The Dos and Don’ts of Saving Your Marriage” (http://lisamerlobooth.com/dos-donts-saving-marriage-winning-spouse-back/). Having received over 200 comments on this post alone, it’s clear that people are at a loss to know how to win their spouse back. More often than not, those comments are from men who tell me that […]