Change Requires Stepping in With Courage

I often hear clients talk about how unhappy they are and how powerless they feel to change things. If the issue is a bad marriage, they struggle with trying to get their spouse to show up in a different way. If the issue is with work, they feel powerless to change their job if they’re […]

Healthy Relationships Require that We Clean Up Our Side: Work Your Edges

In my last post I talked about “edges” — those dysfunctional, provocative moves we make when we are not at our best. As I stated in that post, these edges take their toll in our relationships and in our lives. Left unchecked, our edges can wreak some serious havoc. So this week, let’s talk about […]

Five Ways Your Edges are Sabotaging Your Success at Home and at Work

Our “edge” is that relationally dysfunctional move we do (when we are not at our best) in times of stress or conflict. Donald Trump, for example, repeatedly goes on the offensive when someone challenges him on his actions. Therefore, one of Trump’s edges is defensiveness, and, in particular, it’s defensively going on the offensive (he […]