Five Ways Your Edges are Sabotaging Your Success at Home and at Work

Our “edge” is that relationally dysfunctional move we do (when we are not at our best) in times of stress or conflict. Donald Trump, for example, repeatedly goes on the offensive when someone challenges him on his actions. Therefore, one of Trump’s edges is defensiveness, and, in particular, it’s defensively going on the offensive (he […]

Communication 101: Focus on the Process not the Details

In difficult conversations, we too often, get stuck in arguing the details yet miss the overall message. As a result, we start arguing about the content and try to “pitch” our story to get the other person to agree or “see the light”.  We start to become defense lawyers constantly poking holes in the prosecutor’s […]

Finding Yourself Again (or Perhaps for the First Time)

It’s absolutely impossible to have healthy relationships if you’re not the one in them. Far too often I hear women say that they lost themselves. They say things to me like, “I don’t even know who I am any more” or “I never would’ve allowed someone to treat me like this before.” Fortunately, though, the […]