Creating Close Relationships Requires Being Real

Many people feel disconnected. Disconnected from their friends, disconnected in their marriages and disconnected in life. There are several reasons why people are so disconnected. 1. They’re rushing through life. Many people are constantly on the go, running from one thing to another to another. They’re over-scheduled and over-loaded. As a result—there’s very little left […]

Relationship Rights: What Our Culture is Not Teaching You but Should Be

Television, magazines, the Internet and our culture at large all send dangerous relationship messages to men, women and children. Our culture normalizes violence, encourages promiscuity, blames rape victims for their rape and creates a breeding ground for affairs and sex addiction. Unless we realize that these messages are CRAZY messages, we are at risk for […]

Great Leaders Lead Greatly

Corporate America can often be a bottomless pit of pressure, stress, long hours, troubled relationships, competition and angst. Leaders can be slaves to the “bottom line,” and employees can be the rats on the proverbial wheel that builds the bottom line.  The best leaders, however, are able to manage the pressure for themselves and their […]