Labor Day…A Day of Acknowledgement

This past weekend, countless families across the country celebrated Labor Day. Labor Day is an opportunity for people to sit back, take in and be thankful for all the hard work the American worker has done to help create the country in which we live today. It’s a well-deserved pat on the back to all […]

Mean Girls at the Office: Your Silence is Acceptance.

I was recently reading a book about how to handle mean girls at work. Much of the advice in this book was about how to placate, ignore and avoid upsetting these women (who were co-workers, not bosses). When all of the above failed, the book recommended handling your upset by going for a walk or […]

Reasons It’s Vital To Speak Up In Relationships

Too often, too many people stay silent in response to mistreatment or upset.  Regardless of whether the other person is your partner, spouse or friend, speaking up about issues that are bothering you is vital to healthy relationships. Below are five reasons why speaking up is so important: 1.    Silence often leads to resentment. When […]