Do Apologies Belong In Leadership?

As many people know, Corporate America can be an incredibly stressful culture in which to maneuver.  Today’s economy has only compounded this fact.  Leaders are stressed, employees are stretched to their limits and lay-offs are all too common in many companies.  As a result of these pressures, people’s humanity, and the always- changing demands of […]

Honesty In Business—Is It Wise?

Throughout the years I’ve heard horror stories about lay-offs, firings, restructuring, and so forth.  Some of the more common stories include: •    Company lay-offs being discussed for months among top management, but denied for just as long to the employees. •    Sudden restructurings that require placing employees out-of-state with virtually no warning, •    Security guards […]

Characteristics of Ineffective and Harmful Bosses (Part I)

I can’t tell you the horror stories I hear about work environments.  It’s shocking that so many people are working for such difficult bosses or in unhealthy work environments.  The bottom line, when it comes to work environments, is that the atmosphere always starts from the top and trickles down from there.  If you’re a […]