Empowerment Starts with Speaking Your Truth

What if you shared your honest opinions—time and time again?
What if you told your partner what you really think—each time s/he asks?
What if you stepped in when the black girl, homosexual boy or Muslim woman is being harassed and dared to say that the bullying is about the harasser’s own insecurity, not the other person’s worth?
What if you told your coworker that his crude comments are out of line and you’re reporting him to HR?
What if . . .

What if you dared to tell your lover that you’re no longer happy in your relationship and if things don’t change you will choose to leave it—and then leave if things don’t change?
What if you told your friend that you’re tired of his/her lies and excuses about why s/he “can’t” hang out?
What if you had the courage to have an honest conversation with your father about the impact his rage had on your childhood and life?
What if you addressed your loved one’s addiction directly, rather than pretending it’s not a problem?
What if . . .

What if you told yourself that you are worthy enough to speak your truth, regardless of whom you’re speaking it to?
What if you decided to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks and instead tuned in to what you think?
What if you made respectfully speaking your truth a way of life?
What if you stopped thinking that speaking your truth was mean and instead realized it is the kindest gift we can give one another?

Speaking your truth is vital to great relationships, a fulfilling life and a healthy sense of self. When you worry more about what people will think, how they will respond and whether they’ll still like you if you’re honest, you increase the odds of silencing. Silencing leads to a loss of self and inauthentic relationships. Stop the silencing. Rather than worrying about how other people will respond to your honesty, focus instead on speaking your truth with compassion and respect. When you are able to speak your truth more times than not, you are well on your way to a richer, more connected and empowered life.

Challenge: Dare to speak your truth to everyone you meet; do so with compassion, respect and a Grounded Powerful Strength. Enjoy the subsequent shifts your life and your sense of self will take as a result.

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