shutterstock_195715985 I offer many tele-classes, trainings and workshops to help individuals to learn how to step into their relationships, jobs and world differently.  Each of these workshops runs approximately once a year. Click on the one of interest to you to see when it’s next offered. If you don’t want to wait for your desired tele-class to come around, then feel free to order the recordings and handouts from the previous time the class was offered.


Too many people complain, yell, scream, cry, make threats and beg others to change. None of the above is an effective way of taking care of yourself and, in fact, all of these often keep bad behaviors continuing. Setting limits involves taking active steps to protect ourselves from harm. We do a pretty good job protecting ourselves from physical harm, but for most of us, it isn’t as easy to protect our mental and emotional selves. The Art of Limit Setting gives you the real low down on what a limit is, when it’s necessary and how exactly to set one. It also walks you through the steps of what to do when your initial limit isn’t working. This tele-class is a powerful class for handling difficult issues in respectful and effective ways.  Read More »

Grounded Powerful Strength 

(This class is no longer available)

The seminal book “The Road Less Traveled” starts with the line, “Life is difficult.” You probably know that already. In our busy, hurry-up world, we often feel overwhelmed by the demands on our time and our emotions.

That overwhelm may lead you to “snap” at the people in your life too often. Or to withdraw and keep your head down quietly. But neither approach leads to the happy life and fulfilling relationships you want. Because often when you “win” in the moment, you harm what you have over the longer run – whether that’s a personal relationship, a work relationship, or your own happiness.   Read More »

Strengthening Your Core

For Women who:

  • Would like to strengthen their core and be more centered, confident and strong in their lives and relationships
  • Are settling for relationships they never thought they’d settle for
  • Doubt and second-guess themselves in their relationships or at work
  • Are struggling in one or more of the relationships in their lives
  • Are competent and confident at work yet feel like an entirely different person in their personal relationships.
  • Want to be more effective in creating powerful relationship changes
  • Know they need to make a change regarding their relationships yet either don’t know how or are too scared to do what they know they need to do
  • Women who are ready to take action and transform their lives and relationships


Finding Your Voice

This tele-class is for the individual who struggles with speaking up, sharing their opinions, being honest about their upsets, managing conflict and overall finding their voice. This tele-class helps women to stop playing small at home and/or work. The class helps women to share their opinions, learn to trust themselves and to no longer shut down in response to anger,. If you’d like to gain confidence and learn how to speak your truth with less fear, more confidence and greater effectiveness then read more.  Read More »


Testimonials From People Who Have Attended Lisa’s Courses

Lisa Merlo-Booth is a phenomenal relationship coach, blogger, presenter, and workshop leader. She presents in an organized, logical manner. Her information is very relevant and useful for anyone. her knowledge base is grounded in experience and her tips always work. Her straightforward manner is very helpful in the learning process. ~ G. E.

This was truly a powerful and needed workshop. ~ Thank you!! ~ Sandy

The class was a reaffirmation that my choice to leave my marriage was the right decision. Through my participation I have learned that I may not have handled my exit as well as I could have, but I begin my new life with increased knowledge, confidence and strength and the decision to speak in a clear, honest, voice. ~ With fondness and respect ~ Janet

The class has been really good!!! I’m using the material and settling less. Progress! ~ Donna