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Accountability Traps

One of the most difficult skills in life and relationships is the ability to be accountable for our own actions. Too often people are great about telling others where they’re off, yet struggle greatly with acknowledging where they themselves are off. Here are ten accountability traps that wreak havoc in people’s lives. Avoid these whenever possible.
Accountability Traps (pdf)

Finding your GPS – Guiding Principles

Stepping in with a Grounded Powerful Strength requires that we keep our voices low and steady, our words clear and respectful and our demeanor calm. There is no reason for anyone to belittle, shame, mock, intimidate or threaten another person… and anytime we are doing any of these behaviors, we are off. Standing up effectively requires that we have our own backs without sqaushing the backs of those around us. Here are 10 guiding principles for standing up without stepping on anyone — or allowing anyone to step on you.
GPS Guiding Principles (pdf)

Relational Cornerstones

Below are my 10 cornerstones for creating healthy relationships. I hope you find them as helpful in your life as I have found them in mine.
Relational Cornerstones (pdf)

Videos with a great message

Here are some of my favorite videos with great messages. Some of these videos are regarding women’s issues, some are regarding cultural issues and all are regarding world issues. All TED Talks run approximately twenty minutes in length while the Upworthy videos are shorter clips that I believe “pack a punch”. Enjoy!
Videos with a great message (pdf)


Downloads for mental health professionals

Working with mental health professionals – A Guide for Blatant Women

As many therapists know, there is seldom a more difficult client to work with than a woman who is angry, fed up and done in her relationship. Here are my tips for how to compassionately hold difficult female clients accountable without having them storm out of your office.
Working with Blatant Women (pdf)