After returning home from a full day of shopping, I am reminded of how stressful the holiday season can be for families. If we’re not careful, we can easily forget that the holidays are a “joyous” occasion filled with love, laughter and “good tidings.” With this in mind, here are some tips for this holiday:

1. Be wary of trying to outdo your neighbors. It can be a never-ending battle that no one will win.
2. Remember that this season is a time for family. Take the time to enjoy each other, be together and laugh! Work can take a back seat for a little while!
3. When you are feeling stressed, remember to breathe, slow down and keep things in
perspective. Take a moment to count the blessings you do have — and be thankful.
4. Treat loved ones lovingly, especially during the stressful times. Don’t take your stress out on them, even if you believe they are the ones causing it!
5. Most of all…have a wonderful holiday season filled with joy, good health and much laughter!

Holiday Challenge:
1. Remember to give each gift, no matter how big or small, from your heart; receive gifts in the same fashion (be thankful!).
2. Realize that there are many families who are mourning loved ones lost this holiday season. If you are not one of them, be thankful for their presence, enjoy them and let them know you are thankful!


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