Life Choices: Get Others Out of Your Head Unless They’re Living Your Life

Life often throws people a curve ball that leaves them floundering a bit from the hit. A marriage is rocked by an affair, an employee is laid off, a family member dies, a student fails out of college and on and on. Often loved ones respond to these unfortunate events by telling us what to do, how to do it and even how to feel about these events.
•    Your best friend tells you to forgive your husband for cheating and stay in your marriage—meanwhile your sister tells you to kick the bum out and get on with your life.
•    When your loved one dies, your mother tells you to be sure you mourn properly, while your father tells you to busy yourself into distraction to get past it.
•    When you get laid off, your spouse tells you to pound the pavement NOW, while your friend tells you to see it as a gift and take some time off first.
•    When the college life throws you off track and you flunk out, everybody and their mother seems to have advice about what you should do pertaining to your future.
•    And on and on…

During times like these, the most important person for you to listen to is you. Countless people will have endless advice about what they think you should do; none of them will have to live with your decision, except you. When these times hit—and they WILL hit—always remember that what people tell you to do or not do has everything to do with them and their experiences and very little to do with yours. The advice others give—no matter how brilliant it may be—may work for one person, however it will not work for every person.

When life throws you a curve ball, be sure that you’re the one fielding it, not others. Figuring out what’s the right decision for you is a process that requires that you tune in. Take the time to tune in to what you want and need, not what others think you need. Don’t be so worried about making the wrong decision that you end up handing over to others key life decisions regarding your life. Slow down, learn to tune in, trust you and dare to decide for yourself what’s best for your life. If loved ones have a problem with that, tune them out while you do the necessary work of tuning you in.

Challenge: When life throws you a curve ball, be sure you’re the one who fields it. Take the time to decide for yourself what the best decision is for you. Once you decide, be proud that you took the reins.


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