A New Year’s Challenge: Be Kind to ALL Humanity

Did you know that if:
•    A person is cut, s/he will bleed real blood that is red—regardless of his or her religious affiliation, the color of his/her skin or his/her sexual orientation?
•    A person loses a child, s/he will be heartbroken—regardless of whether that child is black, white, brown, red or in between?
•    A person with limited financial resources loses his/her job, s/he will worry about being able to pay their bills, provide for their family or even, perhaps, keep their home? Did you know this is true for people of ALL races, orientations, beliefs, etc.?
•    A person is excluded, ridiculed, bullied or shunned for who s/he is, that s/he will likely feel feelings of sadness, loneliness, anger, isolation, depression and insecurity? Did you know this person’s parents will likely feel heartbroken for their child—regardless of whether their child is white, black, male, female, educated or uneducated, etc.?

What makes us human is not the color of our skin, the length of our hair, the shape of our eyes, the particular religion we believe in, our sexual orientation or our gender. Humans are different from all other known life forms in our ability to think, grasp complex ideas and to feel, communicate and connect on a deeper level. All human beings have this capacity, regardless of what they look like or believe in.

This New Year, commit to being a better human being. Recognize the worth of ALL human beings and treat everyone with kindness, compassion, humanity, and even love. Show up at home in a more present, connected and loving way. Treat your family better than you do strangers on the street—and treat strangers on the street with kindness and respect. Stand up to those who choose to bully, persecute or condemn other human beings, regardless of their justification.  Don’t buy into the hatred of some—toward you or toward others. Stand up, be kind and protect the hearts, minds and rights of all human beings throughout the world. This New Year, choose to focus on one key resolution: humanity. Act with kindness and compassion toward ALL human beings.

Be kind to those you love, those you’ve never met and those you will meet in the future. Being kind can be summed up in one life rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Nowhere in this rule does it say, “Do unto others whom you like, agree with and with whom you share the same faith.” The rule is simple and yet profound. Treat others the way you want them to treat you. Do this in good times, hard times and the in-between times. Treat people as you would want them to treat you. Period.

This New Year, stay focused on what matters. Refuse to buy into the power-over paradigm that preaches that some people are better than others. Defend against violent attacks by some people toward others. Stand up against rhetoric that tries to sell the lie that all humans are not equal and that you are better or less than others. We are ALL equal. Treat everyone in a way that demonstrates this way of thinking is true. And be extra kind to your loved ones. Pay attention to them, share yourself with them and be present for them; your kindness will be a gift for both them and you. Choose kindness as your New Year’s Resolution for 2017. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others and be kind to all humanity—for your sake, their sake and our world’s sake.

Challenge: The next time you want to bad-mouth someone—stop. When you’re with someone else who is talking bad about others—speak out against it. Slow down those knee-jerk reactions that take all of us out of a place of compassion and kindness into a place of hate and negativity. We all need to SLOW DOWN and remind ourselves to treat others, as we would like them to treat us. Even in times of upset—speak your truth, set your limits and have your back in a way that honors the humanity of the other person, rather than harms it.

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