Transformational Relationship Coach and Speaker


I speak to audiences across the country about walking in the world with strength, calm, and confidence. I empower audiences to:

  • Lead with compassion, not harshness
  • Step in with confidence, not arrogance
  • Effectively settle and master conflict, rather than cause or ignore it.

I speak with men, women and leaders across the country about how to effectively manage conflict, how to have difficult conversations and how to have your own back without squashing the backs of those around you. I am widely known for my straight talk and my emphasis on teaching women to stop responding in the extremes (silencing or exploding) and, instead, to affect change in a way that is grounded, respectful and strong. This highly effective approach to communication is about speaking from a Grounded Powerful Strength (GPS).  I empower women to use their voices, to confidently step into the world as equals and to find their Grounded Powerful Strength (GPS) at home, at work and out in the world.

As a sought-after speaker, I bring practical advice, a great sense of humor and a grounded presence in my keynote speeches to audiences nationwide.

My Speaking Topics Include:

  • Empowering Women, Empowering Lives
  • Compassionate Powerful Leadership
  • Don’t Settle for Less, You Deserve So Much More
  • Resolving Conflict in the Workplace
  • Stepping Into the World with a Grounded Powerful Strength (GPS)
  • Smart Women Creating Smart Relationships
  • Resolving Conflict in Your Life

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