“Everyone Does It”: Excusing Others Harms You

Decades ago, “rules” of daily living were much more explicit. People knew what the general consensus was around sex (only if you love the person or not until married), religion (go to church every week or you go to hell), drugs (just say no), treat others with kindness (do unto others as you would have […]

“But He’s a ‘Nice’ Guy” — Taking Off the Rose-colored Glasses

If I hear one more woman tell me her husband is a “nice guy” right after giving me example after example of how NOT “nice” he is, I’m going to scream. Women—P-L-E-A-S-E—stop telling yourself what a nice guy your husband is after he rages at you, makes fun of you, calls you names, lies, cheats, […]

A Note to all the People Pleasers in the World: Avoid the “Guilt-Ridden Yes”

“A guilt-ridden “Yes”, 99% of the time is meant to be a compassionate “No”. ~LMB If you’re a people pleaser, you no doubt are familiar with the “guilt-ridden yes”. The guilt –ridden yes is that yes you say because you “feel bad” saying no.  These yes’s are voiced because: •    You don’t want to hurt […]