The Cost of the Quick Fix is More Than You Imagine

As I sit with yet another couple drowning from the fallout of another affair, I’m struck by what seems to be an epidemic of people looking for the quick fix to life’s problems. •    People unhappy in their marriages are turning to affairs. •    People feeling sad or down want a drug to make the […]

Ten Reasons to Stop Avoiding Conflict and Start Dealing with Issues

There are countless people who believe that the best way to handle conflict is to not have any. When things get tough, their choice is to duck, avoid, distract or disengage, in the hope that the issue will resolve itself. If the issue doesn’t resolve itself, they feel a sense of relief that at least […]

Are You Passive-Aggressive?

Relationships often struggle when one of the partners is passive-aggressive.  Trust me, I know.  When I was first married, I used to struggle with being passive-aggressive and I know it was not easy for my husband to deal with. I’d like to say that now I’m perfect and never slip into my old pattern, however, […]