The 5 Most Common Edges (Part II)

As I wrote last week, our “edge” is that relationally-dysfunctional move we do in times of stress or conflict—when we are reactive rather than mindful. Last week I spoke about defensiveness and acting passive-aggressive ( Below are the remaining three most common edges: 1. Rage: Raging shows up as any or all of the following: […]

The Curse and Seduction of Being Right

Many people struggle with the curse of being right.  When people struggle with being right it feels as if you’re constantly in an argument about the “facts.”  Sometimes it can feel as if you’re talking with a lawyer instead of a friend or partner.  For example, you might ask your partner to lower their voice […]


Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who constantly corrects you or argues their case?  For example, you're talking to your partner about how hurt you were when he called you "needy" and he says, "I didn't call you needy, I said you can be needy sometimes."  When you try to move past […]