The Underlying Message of Silence—Intended or Unintended

“Inherent in Your Silence is Acceptance” ~LMB The underlying message of silence, like it or not, is acceptance. This is particularly true for hurtful offenses. In fact, the bigger the offense—responded to by silence—the louder a message of acceptance is being conveyed. This is an often unspoken truth in courtrooms, offices and even homes. •   […]

“Everyone Does It”: Excusing Others Harms You

Decades ago, “rules” of daily living were much more explicit. People knew what the general consensus was around sex (only if you love the person or not until married), religion (go to church every week or you go to hell), drugs (just say no), treat others with kindness (do unto others as you would have […]

The Emotional Walls with which We Surround Ourselves

Surrounding yourself with a wall will keep people away, leave you alone and make you difficult to be in relationship with. Leave the walling off to houses, not people. Examples of emotional walls that people keep around themselves include: •    A wall of words: A wall of words is going on and on in your […]