Empowerment Starts with Speaking Your Truth

What if you shared your honest opinions—time and time again? What if you told your partner what you really think—each time s/he asks? What if you stepped in when the black girl, homosexual boy or Muslim woman is being harassed and dared to say that the bullying is about the harasser’s own insecurity, not the […]

When It Comes To Speaking, Less Is Often More

I often watch couples in my office struggle with the ripple effect caused by using a “wall of words.”  A wall of words is when a person speaks on and on about an issue, complaint, story, idea or piece of information to such a degree that they lose the attention of the person they are […]

How to Stop Being Passive-Aggressive

I recently wrote a post entitled, ‘Are You Passive-Aggressive?’  A comment was left on my Facebook page http://tinyurl.com/3o53ke8, asking me how to stop being passive-aggressive.  Here’s my answer. 1.    Get conscious.  Pay attention to all the things you don’t say, all the times you make snide comments and all the times you feel annoyed.  If […]