10 Behaviors that Destroy Healthy Relationships

Creating healthy relationships requires mindfulness, not a PhD. A past mentor of mine use to say to the couples he was working with, “If you go out in the rain without an umbrella, you’re going to get wet. Don’t blame me for getting wet.” Relationships are the same thing—if you treat those around you poorly, […]

“Everyone Does It”: Excusing Others Harms You

Decades ago, “rules” of daily living were much more explicit. People knew what the general consensus was around sex (only if you love the person or not until married), religion (go to church every week or you go to hell), drugs (just say no), treat others with kindness (do unto others as you would have […]

Communication Lessons Learned from the Presidential Debate

Monday night was the first presidential debate for 2016 and it did not disappoint. Both candidates showed up hoping to positively influence undecided voters to come to their side. Below are a few things we can all take away, should we be placed in a position to influence others on important issues in our own […]