Authentic Dating: A Radical Idea

  “It’s impossible to meet your ‘soul-mate’ if, while dating, you show up with someone else’s soul”. ~LMB There is a huge propensity in the dating world to pretend to be someone you’re not in order to “get” the guy or girl. Dating “experts” stress the importance of looking good, saying the right things and […]

Dating: Qualities to Look For in a Life Partner (Part II)

In your search for a life mate, be certain you look for the characteristics that truly make a difference in long-term relationships. Don’t be fooled by the “cover” of things—always be sure to look under the surface. Following up on last week’s post, here are the remaining five characteristics that will serve any long-term relationship […]

Dating: Qualities to Look For in a Life Partner (Part I)

Many people go into the dating world with a checklist of what they want in a partner: good looks, good job, financial success, etc. The problem with these lists, however, is that they tend to be only surface deep. Sure, it would be great to meet someone who is rich, good-looking and has a great […]