10 Relationship Truths You May Not Want to Hear

Creating great relationships requires a general understanding and acceptance of these 10 basic relationship truths. Learn them; live by them. 1.    The only person you have the ability and power to change is you. Begging, pleading or raging and demanding that others change, waste energy. Change your moves—stop hoping they will change theirs. 2.    You […]

“Apologizing is Weak” is a Crazy Notion

The belief that “apologizing is weak” is a crazy notion that is harming countless relationships. Having this belief sets a person up to defend, deflect or rationalize their behavior. In essence, s/he will do anything except apologize, dare to be accountable or be courageous enough to own her/his mistakes. The irony in this belief is […]

Five Ways Your Edges are Sabotaging Your Success at Home and at Work

Our “edge” is that relationally dysfunctional move we do (when we are not at our best) in times of stress or conflict. Donald Trump, for example, repeatedly goes on the offensive when someone challenges him on his actions. Therefore, one of Trump’s edges is defensiveness, and, in particular, it’s defensively going on the offensive (he […]