10 Ways Women Give Their Power Away (Part I)

From the moment we enter this world, women are taught harmful messages about who we are, how we are and how we should be. Unfortunately those messages take a toll over time. These messages can make owning our power a herculean feat if we’re not careful. Below are five ways many of us women give […]

What is “Empowerment”?

Empowerment is… 1.    Knowing you have the right to say no—and acting on that right—even when it seems everyone around you is saying yes. 2.    Standing up for your own well-being with strength, respect and a powerful presence…even if others may not like it. 3.    Using your voice to share your opinions, state your disagreements […]

Strengthening Your Core is BACK!!!

I’m excited to announce that in response to many requests from past participants, I will again be offering a new and revised 6 week tele-class for women on transforming their relationships, “Strengthening Your Core.”
Throughout the years I’ve worked with hundreds of women who were less than satisfied in their relationships. Most of these women knew they […]