Tips for Enjoying Your Holidays

Note: I’m reprinting this post from years past as a reminder for all of us to take the time to enjoy the holiday season rather than get run over by it. Enjoy! 1.    Take time out.  During the stress of the holiday rush, many people forget to take time to just relax.  Slow down for […]

Starting Your Relationship Off Right with Your In-Laws

Ah, the elusive relationship with in-laws…how do we manage those waters? Countless people struggle with their in-laws and are at a loss about what to do. Below are a few tips to help with this sometimes difficult, sometimes rewarding and sometimes exasperating journey. From the start, though, it will help if you remember that all […]


Easter is in a couple days and many families will use this day as an opportunity to come together and celebrate.  As many people know, however, family gatherings are not always positive events.  Below are a few tips on how to make these get-togethers a positive experience for those families who tend to struggle with […]