Character is Determined by Consistent Actions

Character shows up when no one’s watching. It shows up in the hard times not the easy ones. It rears its head in how one speaks about their enemies not their friends. It shows up in the boardroom when money is being lost not flowing. Character shines through in how a person speaks about their […]

If You Can’t Recognize Abuse in the World, You Won’t be Able to Stop it in Your Home

We are in the midst of the possibility of voting into office one of the most blatantly emotionally-abusive candidates who has ever run for President of the United States—Donald Trump. Many people embracing this candidate do not describe his behavior as abusive and most likely don’t recognize it as abuse. Instead, they describe his words […]

Ashley Madison Hacked: Not Getting Caught Doesn’t Justify Harmful Choices

  Noel Biderman is the creator of Ashley Madison, the largest on-line cheating site for married men and women. He makes millions out of providing a one-stop affair site and rationalizes his business by saying, “If you eradicate Ashley Madison, you’re not going to eradicate infidelity. That allows me to sleep at night.” His wife […]