Is it Possible to Talk Politics Without Losing Friends?

And Can You do so with a Grounded Powerful Strength? I have found myself asking this question often during this election process. For the first time in history, we have a female presidential candidate running against a “non-political business man.” This election has gone so far beyond politics that it’s striking at the heart of […]

What Pope Francis is Teaching Our World: It is Not Our Place to Judge

I cannot think of another Pope in my lifetime who so genuinely walked the walk of compassion, humanity and grace. Whether he is extending forgiveness to all women who have chosen to undergo abortions, responding to question regarding homosexuality by saying “who am I to judge,” extending heartfelt empathy to hundreds of Muslims killed in […]

An Open Letter to Women (and men) Regarding Donald Trump

Dear Women, The fact that millions of Americans are jazzed about Donald Trump as a candidate for President of the United States has hammered home for me just how far we have NOT come as a society. We are about to embark on a crucial political journey—one I believe will greatly influence women’s futures. Donald […]