Women and the Loss of Self

To all the women who have ever said, “I don’t even recognize who I am anymore.” Life started as an experiment in daring to find yourself, speak for yourself and fight for yourself. You dared to say no to others and yes to yourself, only to find that you would be called selfish as a […]

The Loss of Self and Finding Yourself Again

Finding Yourself Again Women I work with often tell me they’ve lost themselves. Somewhere along the way, they stopped seeing things through their own lenses, stopped taking care of their needs and stopped paying attention to what they wanted. Instead, they took care of the kids, tried to be there for their husbands, worked hard […]

Finding Yourself Again (or Perhaps for the First Time)

It’s absolutely impossible to have healthy relationships if you’re not the one in them. Far too often I hear women say that they lost themselves. They say things to me like, “I don’t even know who I am any more” or “I never would’ve allowed someone to treat me like this before.” Fortunately, though, the […]