The Emotional Walls with which We Surround Ourselves

Surrounding yourself with a wall will keep people away, leave you alone and make you difficult to be in relationship with. Leave the walling off to houses, not people. Examples of emotional walls that people keep around themselves include: •    A wall of words: A wall of words is going on and on in your […]


Courage is doing the hard thing that you know in your heart you need to do. It’s being the lone voice in a fire pit of aggressive voices — encouraging them to tone it down. It’s standing up for those unable to stand up for themselves; speaking your voice calmly, even when others radically disagree; […]

Marriage: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Countless people struggle with deciding whether to stay in a marriage or leave it. Some stay in misery for years, while others hoof it the moment times get hard. Neither of these two approaches is effective or healthy. When it comes to deciding whether you should end a marriage or leave a marriage, here are […]