High-functioning Women at Work Under-functioning in Marriages

I can’t begin to tell you how often I see extremely high-functioning women in the workplace under-function at marriage (or other romantic relationships). These women can run companies, create companies, manage dozens of employees and handle multi-million dollar contracts with an ease and confidence that is inspiring. However, when many of them get home, they […]

Marriage: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Countless people struggle with deciding whether to stay in a marriage or leave it. Some stay in misery for years, while others hoof it the moment times get hard. Neither of these two approaches is effective or healthy. When it comes to deciding whether you should end a marriage or leave a marriage, here are […]

Operating Instructions for Creating Unhealthy, Unfulfilling, Miserable Relationships (Part I)

A dash of unconsciousness, a dab of aloofness, a healthy serving of unhealthy self-esteem, a spoonful of selfishness, a touch of reactivity and a sprinkle of rage and intimidation are the main ingredients to creating an incredibly miserable relationship. Top it off with defensiveness and voilà there you have it. And here’s how you put […]