A Message to Women: Don’t Collude

Many of us are acutely aware of the harmful messages our world sends to men and women. These messages put both genders in a box that’s difficult to get out of. For men, the messages center around “manning up.” For women, they center around “sexing up.” This post is for the women. The world objectifies […]

Healthy Self-Esteem: Don’t Allow Others to Define You

The thoughts, opinions and beliefs others have about your sense of worth have absolutely nothing to do with your level of worth. In a world where so many are judging others based on their race, looks, gender, sexual orientation and on and on, many individuals can begin to feel small. Don’t buy in. Don’t ever […]

An Open Letter to the Women Excusing the Men

I saw you do it with the high school jocks. I saw you do it with the popular guys. You did it with the professional athletes, college athletes, famous men and rich men in power. I saw you do it with Bill Cosby and I’m watching many of you do it with Donald Trump. You […]