A New Year’s Challenge: Be Kind to ALL Humanity

Did you know that if: •    A person is cut, s/he will bleed real blood that is red—regardless of his or her religious affiliation, the color of his/her skin or his/her sexual orientation? •    A person loses a child, s/he will be heartbroken—regardless of whether that child is black, white, brown, red or in between? […]

Happy New Year: Welcoming in the New Year with Lessons from 2014

As you welcome in the New Year, remember to be thankful for the trials and tribulations of this past year. Even in years of struggle there are valuable lessons learned, bright moments along the way, good times we excitedly experience and difficult times we thankfully survive. Before rushing headlong into 2015, take some time to […]

A New Year: An Inner Life Makeover

Every year at this time millions of people make countless New Year’s resolutions regarding appearance, work, family and relationships.  One person’s going to lose weight, another’s going to work harder and yet another is going to spend more time with their family.  All of these can be great ideas, yet somehow few actually get followed […]