The 5 Most Common Edges and What to Do About Them (Part I)

Our “edge” is that relationally-dysfunctional move we do in times of stress or conflict. It’s the move we do when we’re reactive, rather than mindful. ALL human beings have edges. And most of us have two or three edges that show up time and time again with anyone and everyone. You see, the thing about […]

Five Ways Your Edges are Sabotaging Your Success at Home and at Work

Our “edge” is that relationally dysfunctional move we do (when we are not at our best) in times of stress or conflict. Donald Trump, for example, repeatedly goes on the offensive when someone challenges him on his actions. Therefore, one of Trump’s edges is defensiveness, and, in particular, it’s defensively going on the offensive (he […]

How to Handle Passive-Aggressive Behavior

I work with couples all the time who are impacted by the sting of passive-aggressive behaviors, which is why I’m writing this post. This post is for those people who are friends with, living with or family members of people who deal with anger and upsets in passive-aggressive ways. Here are the best tips I […]