Ten Truths Women Need to Hear

One of the most frustrating things in my line of work is watching women get in—and stay in—unhealthy relationships. No matter how many red flags they see, hurtful interactions they have or lies they’re told, far too many women blame themselves, question themselves and don’t trust themselves. Below are 10 truths that women need to […]

Setting Limits in Relationships: Why We Need Them and What They’re Not

People often are at a loss when it comes to setting limits. Many hate setting them, others over use limits and still others think they’re setting them yet aren’t. So what’s the low down on limits? Why do we need them, when do we need them and what a limit is not. First off, limits […]

The Story of Self-Sabotage…Karen’s Journey

(Note: This is a fictitious story and “Karen” is a conglomeration of women and their life-sabotaging choices) Karen is 28 years old, single and has never been married. More than anything she wants to be married and have kids. She just can’t seem to find the “right” guy, though, and often seems to end up […]