The Underlying Message of Silence—Intended or Unintended

“Inherent in Your Silence is Acceptance” ~LMB The underlying message of silence, like it or not, is acceptance. This is particularly true for hurtful offenses. In fact, the bigger the offense—responded to by silence—the louder a message of acceptance is being conveyed. This is an often unspoken truth in courtrooms, offices and even homes. •   […]

Stop the Silencing: Own Your Place in this World

As I’m launching my next tele-class, Finding Your Voice, I’ve been reminded of all the ways women end up silencing themselves, playing small in their lives and even losing themselves in relationships. What’s interesting about the dynamic of losing your voice is that it’s often a subtle process. Initially, many women do speak up for […]

Reasons It’s Vital To Speak Up In Relationships

Too often, too many people stay silent in response to mistreatment or upset.  Regardless of whether the other person is your partner, spouse or friend, speaking up about issues that are bothering you is vital to healthy relationships. Below are five reasons why speaking up is so important: 1.    Silence often leads to resentment. When […]