We have a tendency to treat strangers off the street better than we treat loved ones in our own homes. It’s as though we think we have the right to treat those close to us in any way we want. This is a crazy notion. It is not okay to tell your partner that you love him/her one minute and then the next minute yell, call him/her names or just be downright mean.
We seem to know not to be mean to a stranger who happens to be in our path, but if it is our spouse or child we act as if briefly running them over is the price they have to pay to be in our family. This price is way too steep for us, our families and our world. Running people over kills.

Loved ones in our life deserve to be treated as though we love them. It should be a privilege to be in our inner circle – not an emotional death sentence. Our “love” is not meant to be a neatly wrapped punching bag; it is meant to be a kind, authentic, enriching reminder that there is someone in this world who cares for our loved ones. Dare to live this reminder with your loved ones every day.

Challenge: Pay attention to how you are treating the loved ones in your life. Use your words and your actions to relay a healthy message of love. If you are angry then say so –- in a respectful way. If you had a bad day, talk to your partner rather than taking it out on him/her. If you are hurt, speak about your feelings in a non-hurtful way. Remember to treat loved ones in your life better than you treat strangers on the street.

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