coaching-lisaWelcome to my coaching page! My coaching style is authentic, humorous, direct and compassionate. I give honest feedback with compassion and tell people what they need to hear in order to make life-altering change. I don’t believe in people settling and, as a result, much of my coaching is around helping clients to create lives and relationships that fuel them rather than weigh them down.

Empowering Women

I teach women to incorporate a Grounded Powerful Strength (GPS) in everything they do. A GPS is about power from within versus power over. Stepping in with a grounded strength instead of an aggressive strength is a skill seldom seen in men or women. I work with women at all levels to harness this skill and this power to reach results they’ve never before been able to reach. I want women to learn to trust their instincts, know what they want, have their own backs and step into the world with confidence and an internal strength.  Read More »

Coaching Couples

My direct, no-nonsense approach to working with couples produces prompt results and lasting change. I get to the heart of the matter with precision and coach couples on finding their way to a more intimate and authentic relationship–one that feels good to come home to. I tell both partners hard truths with compassion because I know this information is vital to enable people to grow. In addition, I don’t assume people know how to be relational and I therefore get into the minutiae of teaching them the necessary skills.  Read More »

Coaching Mental Health Professionals

(Therapists, Coaches, Social Workers, Ministers, etc.)
Working with couples is an incredibly difficult skill that many mental health professionals struggle with. I love working with therapists on honing this skill since so many couples need our help. I work with professionals to be authentic, direct and effective with their clients and teach them to speak hard truths with compassion and power. I coach professionals on the nuances of working with couples and individuals and on becoming masters in their field.  Read More »

Note: I use a dynamic approach to couples work, based on the integration of Terrance Real’s Relational Life Therapy Model, Pia Mellody’s Post Induction Model and my own model for working with couples. My coaching of professionals centers around this work.