Phone Coaching for Mental Health Professionals


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On the second Monday of every month at noon ET I offer a free call for mental health professionals on the nuances of working with women and couples. Any mental health professional is welcome and invited to join these calls.

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Individual Consultations

Teaching fellow coaches and mental health professionals is one of my all time favorite things to do. I’m happy to provide professional support whenever needed. I work with professionals on two levels:

Basic support around cases

  • Case consultations
  • Honing your skills to work with couples more effectively
  • Honing your skills to work with women individually as well as within a couple
  • Working with difficult couples
  • Mastering the art of couples work utilizing a combination of Terry Real’s Relational Life Therapy Model, Pia Mellody’s Post Induction Model and my own work with couples

More advanced support around mastery

  • Deepening the work with couples via authentic feedback, compassionate accountability and the therapeutic use of self
  • Artfully working with defensiveness and poor accountability
  • Moving from surface level work, which focuses on skill building, to deeper level work focusing on “soul shifting”
  • Providing feedback with nuance, power and effectiveness
  • Working with aggressive clients without shrinking or moving into power with them
  • Managing the session using a Grounded Powerful Strength (GPS)
  • Working with women who struggle with issues of moderation, reactivity and self-righteousness, without shaming them, attacking them or moving in power over them…or tip-toeing around them
  • Working your edges so you can better help your clients work theirs

The Logistics of Meeting

Frequency — Individual Consults

I provide case consults on an as needed basis or a monthly or bi-monthly basis. For therapists who want to learn the mastery of working with women and/or couples, I do group coaching or bi-monthly individual coaching.

Frequency — Group Coaching

Periodically an opening may present itself in one of my coaching groups for therapists. These groups meet either three times per month or two times per month. There are no more than four professionals in any one group. Contact me if you are interested in joining a group


For individual consults, I offer a professional discount for mental health professionals; and therefore my fee for consults is $150/hr.

My fee for group coaching is $275 per month to participate in a group meeting three times per month and $205 per month to participate in a group that meets two times per month.

Teleclasses and Trainings

In addition to the free monthly coaching call, I periodically offer more in-depth training for professionals throughout the year. For more information on these offerings Click Here »